Week 7 Discussion Topic: Why Does It Look Delish?

A pie for the Fourth of July

A pie for the Fourth of July

This week I would like you to post an image of something delicious and talk about the pictorial qualities of the image that communicate “deliciousness.” For example, this is a picture of my husband’s July 4th pie that is half-strawberry rhubarb and half-blueberry. I think the glistening blueberries and strawberries with the runny, jam-like edges evoke the sweet syrupy coating of the baked fruit. The irregular edges of the pie crust and unevenly cut up strawberries reinforce the “homemade” quality of the pie, and people often assume that anything handmade must taste good.

I would like you to post a photograph that you have taken yourself rather than an image you find on the internet. Photographs taken with smartphones are perfect. Please resize the image when you upload it. Follow the instructions to resize your photo to smaller than 600 x 700 pixels here.

Please post your responses by Wednesday, October 29th.

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