Spiritualisit Photography

Shannon Targgart website of spiritualism photography was interesting when you give it a glance. Once you start to examine and ask questions about pictures then you begin to wonder withier this pictures are realistic or not. I feel like she staged all her pictures to show her audience something she wanted us to see not what really as happening. One of the pictures that I saw was Dr. Ruth Westeimer for Columbia University, I wonder what this picture has to do with spiritualism and what her story behind the picture is. Another picture was Gabriel Kahane Is a One- Man Cultural Cuisinart when I saw this picture it seemed to me that the person in the picture moved it hands and it blurred out, it seems like  a picture you take with a phone and if you move it will capture other movements. When I think of spiritualism photography I don’t think of a perfect picture.  I think spiritualism photography is possible just that Shannon Taggart has set up scenes to look more credible but instead has made them more unrealistic. I think that this particular documentation is not valuable due to the ways the pictures are taken.

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