Internship Updates #7

A graphic design of office supplies on a desk with "Skill Internship" written in large font

I’m enjoying my internship and the projects with the students. I’ve been instructing them on their projects, and helping them execute them. I’m learning how to work with a younger age group, having projects planned for them that they can enjoy is harder since they have different interests. It has been tough a few times but the experience has been great so far. 

Something that I would like to do is to take pictures of the projects that the students do. The students work on the projects throughout the time they’re there for the afterschool program and they create unique and distinctive designs. Each design is completely different despite the same colors and materials they’re given. I would like to take pictures of their projects to create a collage to showcase the work that they’ve done.

I would also like to show them at the end of the program and internship how much they’ve developed and grown with each project that they’ve worked on. I believe that showing them how much they’ve improved their skills along with telling them how much they’ve done and improved will motivate them to continue to work on design, art, and DIY projects.

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