City Tech Library Champaign

Project Explanation:

The goal for this project was to create an ad champaign to promote the City Tech Library services that are available for both students and staff. Before starting on the project, the class met with the clients, the City Tech Librarians to discuss the details and information we’d needed.

Group Thought Process:

The main service that my group and I wanted to promote the most were the “Ask A Librarian” online service and the “New York Times” free subscription since not a lot of people are aware of these services. We came together and added each other’s ideas and discussed what would be done with each design. We decided to use the college colors to represent the college as well as the library. Our goal was to keep the same layout throughout the entire project so that it’s noticeable and easy for the students to quickly read and understand without question. We had also added the fictional librarian to represent a superhero figure since librarians are superheroes of the library by helping students gather information and help with research projects.


Project Explanation:

The goal for this “Debooking” project was to use a book and create something different with the pages, which there were free choices of creating a design that’s unique.


I chose to create my design using nature, which consisted of butterflies, mushrooms, flowers, a bunny rabbit, and a tree. Nature is something that has always had my attention and kept me calm and relaxed since before moving to the U.S. It has been part of me for my entire life so I chose to create a design using the pages from a book that represents me.


Project Explanation:

The goal for this project was to promote NYC Guide and the help that the company offers to those that are planning on traveling to New York.


I chose to promote the website by using the apple concept since many people knows and consider New York City as the Big Apple. I also decided to add an airplane to help illustrate traveling since most people traveling to New York are from other continents.

Bang and Olufsen

Project Explanation:

The goal for the Bang and Olufsen company was to promote one of the many luxurious products and the quality of them.


I chose to work with promoting the audio quality of the Bang and Olufsen headphones. Throughout the process, I was trying to find a way to illustrate a happy customer to help promote the satisfaction of the company’s customers. I chose to create the design by using the audio sound waves to help reach the vision I had with this design.