Bang and Olufsen

Project Explanation:

The goal for the Bang and Olufsen company was to promote one of the many luxurious products and the quality of them.


I chose to work with promoting the audio quality of the Bang and Olufsen headphones. Throughout the process, I was trying to find a way to illustrate a happy customer to help promote the satisfaction of the company’s customers. I chose to create the design by using the audio sound waves to help reach the vision I had with this design.

Video Project

My video project resolved around some of the artwork that I’ve created so far as a student at NYC College of Technology. The reason I chose to showcase the pieces in the video was because of how simple and effective they were, the colors and theme of each piece held the entire piece together and worked as a whole. I thought the challenging part of the video was going to be what to showcase throughout it but it wasn’t. The challenging part from my experience was the speech part of it since I speak fast, which sometime causes words to sound differently than what’s being said. I was tempted to type what I had to say throughout the video but I realized that the type would have been distracting from the pieces I wanted to show off. Overall, creating the video was a wonderful and fun experience, I’m willing to learn more about video creation and create more video projects like this one in the future.