Hey there, I’m Ebony Derrick and from Georgetown, Guyana. I moved to New York with one of my siblings and my mother when I was eight years old. I’ve been into art at an extremely young age. One of my uncles was also the same with art but since he’s more advanced than I was at the time, I would ask him to show me tricks or ways of drawing certain things. One of my younger siblings and I constantly challenged each other to draw various amounts of things. We mostly had a category of drawing eyes since we learned about new techniques we wanted to put to the test. After moving to New York, it was harder to ask for help. 

Unfortunately, I was forced to stop drawing in my freshman year of high school, which made me misserable thoughout the four years. I gained an interest in Journalism throughout high school, more specifically photography. Learning about the Communication Design Major that has a combination of both had opened my mind that I could do a combination of the things I loved doing.

Being in the Communication Design Major has allowed me to continue to do the things I love doing the most. I know I’m not the greatest at it, but I’m studying Communication Design to learn other forms of art that I might like doing besides just the ones that I know how to do. It’ll give me the motivation to continue doing what I love doing and pursue a career in doing what I love.