Ethics|Ethical Reasoning: Part 1

My internship allows me to set up projects to teach middle school children at an afterschool program. I teach 70 students that are into art and also have art as their ‘major’ while at this middle school. The design work that I mostly work on are hands-on projects. The projects are done the old-fashioned way, without technology being involved. I’m working on getting permission to teach the students digital design using Adobe programs.

I didn’t have to sign a confidentiality or a non-disclosure agreement. Since I do work with kids, the parents had to submit a form or letter stating if they’d like their child to have their pictures taken or any information released or used while in the program. The forms submitted determine what and how much information I can use for my internship journal. So far, I’m able to speak about my experience without disclosing any information about the students while speaking about my experience with them.

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