Final Video Project


I Interviewed one of my classmates Giselle. ¬†I edited the video in Adobe Premiere; even though we had some guidance during class on how to edit the video I still had trouble fixing the audio. ¬†Unfortunately I could not get the video exactly the way that I want it, but this project has inspired me to continue to learn the program as well as how to use the other programs in the Adobe suite. ¬†I also learned that you should always take more footage than you actually need. ¬†I had asked Giselle a lot of questions that seemed very “boring”, after those questions I started to ask her more random questions. ¬†Her answers for both the “boring” questions and the ones that I made up on the spot tied into each other. ¬†Coming up with the questions was also something that I had trouble with. ¬†I did not want to ask questions that were too personal or that would make her uncomfortable. ¬†Since I avoided asking questions that would change the mood for the worse I think it made it a more relaxed and enjoyable.

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