Project 1

Project 1

For project 1 we had to understand the basics first.  We started off with looking at other artists work who used lines, shapes and points to create a work of art.  We tried to understand how creative we can be by using there basic tools. Then we moved on to abstract pieces of art; this is what we are doing for this project.  We looked at the pieces of abstract art and tried to figure out what it represents (calm, sad, etc…).  Once we finished looking at the art work we tried to express an emotion using lines, shapes, and points.

Trying to express an emotion using abstract art and black, white, and shades of grey is hard.  I used the word energetic in the three sample pieces that I made.   Only my line sample was successful in expressing the emotion properly.  The reason why I know this, because the class was criticizing each others work.  Later on in the class we did this as well with our final pieces.  This helped in giving us ideas on how to improve our work; and what was great about the piece as well.

Sample pieces:









I found my inspiration for loud and quiet from the beach.  The quiet painting was the sand under the water while the loud was the jetties that prevents the sand from washing away.



Crowded and isolated was how I felt when I’m sad and when I have panic attacks.



Finally harmony and chaos would be my thinking  process.



The color choices were hard to figure out.  The lighter colors was to induce a calm feeling; while the dark colors make you notice them more.  Putting the two pieces with contrastinc colors made them stand out.  The technique that I used in most of my pieces was reption with variation.


We had to pick our favorite pieces and recreate them in adobe illustrator (ai).  I picked loud and quiet because they were the simplest; or so I thought.  Creating the wave and the zig-zag pattern did give me a lot of trouble.  I had to google a way to figure it out because the regular effects tab was not giving me the desired results.  I also had to figure out how to create a pattern that would lay over the lines that I had created.  Again I googled the solution.




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