Assignment For Class April 18

Helvetica was developed in the 1957 by a Swiss type face designer, named Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffman.¬† The original name for Helvetica was Neue Haas Grotesk.¬† During the 1960’s a German company changed the name of this type face to Helvetica, it means Swiss in Latin.¬† Helvetica would be in the sans serif type classification; meaning that this type face does not have any serifs.

In the Documentary Helvetica the 4 designers that appeared were¬†Matthew Carter, Wim Grouwel, Hermann Zapf , Lars Mullei. ¬†They all are designers in different fields such as graphic design and type design.Helvetica is a good type face to use in print media because of the heavy line strokes, ¬†In the 1960’s everyone wanted to use helvetica. ¬†That is why we have so many type faces that are similar to helvetica.

Three companies that use helvetica as their type is:


American air lines



The relationship between swiss international style and helvetica is a very strong one.  A major key to swiss international style is a sans serif type face.  Helvetica has no serifs and is used very often.

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