Highline and Printed Matter Trip

The purpose of this trip was to get us ready for our final project, which is to make a book.  We started our trip by walking through Highline.  It was my first time going there and I was amazed.  It used to be a rail way.  The way it was designed it had a very industrial feel to it.  Some of the rails was still there in the garden beds.  The rails that were on the out side of the park was steel beams with large rivets that added to this feeling.  All of the flowers in the area was starting to bloom and looked beautiful.


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The buildings surrounding the park made it feel complete.  Without the different buildings the feel of the park would feel completely differentIMG_8676 IMG_8675 IMG_8674 IMG_8689 IMG_8688 IMG_8687 IMG_8686 IMG_8685.






















































We did get stuck in an elevator for about 40 minutes; which was also a new experience for me.

IMG_8693 IMG_8691







While we were at Printed Matter I saw a bunch of different books that caught my eye.  The ones that I was interested in had used different materials that were not normal for books.  I saw books printed on sand paper, thick mylar covers which shows just enough of the over to make you pick up the book, and a book with an acrylic cover.




This book’s front and back cover are made out of a 1/8″ black acrylic, for the engraving its mostly the smaller words and it isn’t too deep, the larger words are a score mark which is just lines.  The scoring and the engraving are hard to see in person because they are all black.  To hold the book together they used a 1/4″ blue rubber band.


The purpose of the trip was to help us get inspired to make our book.  It was also to help us learn that no all art is in a museum.

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