Banner Concept

My banner is really simple. It consists of four pictures that I have taken in the past 3 years. This banner is not the best work I have done; I personally don’t like it. It is still a work in progress, but I like what it represents to me. The four images are from the happier moments in my life. Three out of the four pictures there I have taken. Those three pictures are from the job I have been working at for basically over two and a half years. Even though I currently don’t like it there; the lab breaths creativity and opened a new door for me. The fourth picture that is in the banner I am in it. It just shows how large the world can be, because it looks like the window never ends.

When picking the images, I started out with the photos that looked the most attractive. Once putting them together is where I had a bit of trouble. The images did not look like they fit together too well. I noticed that there was a dark area on the bottom of some of the photos and decided to see if that made it fit well together. It almost worked out okay, I still had to find the order that worked out the best. Once I found the order I realized I needed a place for my name and the best thing to do was take out an image. Where I placed my name could use more work, something more creative. I did size the canvas a bit too big that’s why the panel with my name on it is smaller than the images, but I think it works well.



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