About me

My name is Diana Venkersammy and I am currently attending New York City College of Technology (NYCCT).   I initially attended this college for electromechanical engineering technology, but I soon found out that it was not the right major for me.  I switched my major to communication design management because there is a lot of different directions that I can go within this major.  Graphic design has always been a career option for me ever since high school.  I helped create a logo for my graduating class by working with others to make a design that truly represented the program I was in.

I currently work at a company called FABberz;  it is a laser cutting and engraving company.  I have been working there for over two years; ever since I gotten my internship there in high school.  I initially started working at FABberz as a production assistant, but over time my boss has given me the opportunity to do some graphic design work that represents the company.  This has given me great experience working in a professional environment as well as a very creative one.  Now I am currently trying to work on marketing for the company.