Book Concept

For my book that I am making for the final is my own story that I keep close to my heart.  The book is about a girl who gets lured in to a forest by fairies; she gets hurt.  The end of the story is left open for the interpretation of the reader.  The target audience for this book is for pre-teens and up.  Younger kids should not read this book even though the style of the book is going to be an old style story book.

This book will have 12 illustrations and corresponding text to go with each one.  The last few pages of the book will just be lines for the reader to write their fears or something that has haunted them for a very long time.   My idea for that has to do with wanting the reader to really feel connected to this book.  I initially wanted to make it very interactive, but I do not have enough time to actually make that happen.

The size of the paper I will be using is 9×12 water color paper, but I will be cutting it down to 8.5X11. ¬†I am doing this because the mock book that I made was using standard A1 paper. ¬†The way that I will be doing the illustrations is using water colors. The main character will just be a black figure and the fairy will be a glowing dot because I do not want to force the image of the two most important elements on the reader. ¬†I do describe them but not enough to make it a clear picture.

For this book I am putting all of the text on a grid. ¬†The text will be printed out and then glued in to the book scrap book style. ¬†Meaning that there will be embellishments on each corner. ¬†The grid that I am using is 1/5″ increments going vertically and horizontally. ¬†The top of the text will start on the same place for each pace but will vary in length from that point downwards.


For the illustrations they start off bright and progressively get darker and darker.  The 12th illustration will be completely black.  This visually shows how the situation is getting worse and worse.  I also decided to do 12 illustrations because it moves along the story.


The book will be settle stiched and have a hard cover.  The cover of the book will be covered in a green cloth.  To put the name of the book on the cover I will either put hot glue down before covering it so the letters would be raised or hand write the name of the book.  Even for the cover of the book will need the grid.

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