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‘Happy City’ Personal Reflection- Jennifer Valerio

Free writing.

Happy. Happiness. It’s a common and foreign topic to me. I thought I knew what it is and what it means to me but the more I think about it the more I find I don’t know what it is. Is that strange? Did I not have the “right” influences to “teach” me what happiness is suppose to be or what it looks like? Or maybe that is the purpose. When you experience something for yourself it stays with you, like an imprint. Okay, this is starting to sound like a dairy lol. My five mins are almost up, but the ‘happy city’ can never exist. If we were all happy- happy would mean nothing therefore the concept to create an urban city for happiness is the same¬†idea to try to find the¬†meaning of life or what happens after death. Its just… too individual? I don’t know. : /


Personal Reflection on “Happy City”

When asked to free write about what is happiness, I initially thinks more individually, which are family, healthy, feeling, and personal activities. However, it change¬†my intension about happiness after we read the book¬†“Happy City” and had the¬†conversation about happiness.¬†I¬†learned that what¬†happiness means to the people who live in urban cities. Experiences¬†and connections might be the main concerns to create happiness for¬†people. Just because¬†people¬†will no longer live alone in urban cities. People meet others everyday and¬†everywhere. ¬†So how to absorb these critical principles into urban design to make a better neighborhood, including blocks, streets, parks, interactive space, will be the responsibilities for designers.

Reflection of City Happiness

This conversation worked to my benefit because Happiness is key in any aspect of life. Going back to the Psychological conversation, if people were to say, “I get to go to work” instead of “I have to go to work”….there is a sense of happiness to start off your day. Something like this would reflect in your design aspects or whatever job one would have because you have a positive attitude on things. -Daniel Savoca

Personal Reflection

My personal reflection from today’s class conversation is that social interaction is need to have a “Happy City.” We all need it and want social acceptance and interaction. Social Media is one of the biggest components, we all go on social media and interact on that level. But as architects how can we bring those interaction to the streets. Jane Jacobs wanted to completely remove the idea of the automobile and get people walking and interact on the street.

Personal Reflection On Happiness

Happiness for¬†me is when I¬†do something or help others, its like a self-less act.¬†Once in a while, it¬†is nice to do something for others.¬†Music¬†other happiness through positive comments and thought. Music makes me happiness because it helps me to express my emotion and it also gives me positive thoughts. Art (drawing or looking a arts) makes me happiness. Money is not important for me. I strongly believe that money doesn’t buy happiness. Interacting with others makes me happy. If one believe on herself/himself, they can be happy. ¬†Always¬†try to find positivist around you.

Reflection on Happiness – CP

happiness has a lot of meanings and people can have different opinions on happiness. for me happiness depends on the situation of my family. i was raised with a family oriented ¬†mindset. we would always be together in tough times and “happy” times. we would fix our problems together. i didn’t know how valuable this was until my sisters moved out the house. now its only me my dad and we miss them but nothing is given in life for eternity. so i found out that¬†i value happiness after ¬†certain things happen and not at the moment. therefore i needed to change my mindset on happiness and value it at the moment and not when its gone. i use this same philosophy with my design and in architecture. we could never be the great architects from the past but we could become the greatest architect for own life and professional practice. us as architects should be happy with our design and not try to fit into other peoples thinking and believe. we need to trust or design to the point where even if other people don’t it or appreciate it, ¬†we are satisfied ¬†and confident about our work and design no matter what other think of the project. we should never try to fit in, we are our own architects.

Happiness – Joshua M.

From this seminar i thought it was interesting to listen to the different views on how happiness can be interpreted. Everyone had their personal opinion about happiness or at least ¬†the different factors that are involved with happiness. Whether it was money, relationships, the sharing of emotions, family etc. they all seemed to play a role with happiness. In my opinion it was definitely a great experience to listen to how all of these ideas/definitions of happiness differed and compared to everyone else’s and mine as well.

Personal Reflection – Walkiria

After having read the book by Charles Montgomery, it really made me think about how I interact with others and the place in which I live. I’ve looked into myself and noticed that I am a shy person. Honestly, I think that’s not a good thing whatsoever. Being shy doesn’t allow me to express myself and open up to people like my family and friends. What we talked about in class today really caught my attention was when it was mentioned that social interaction is important. I know what I am capable of as far as meeting people and starting conversation but sometimes I fear what people may think of me. It stresses me out to know that people can be so judgmental sometimes, which is why i find myself holding back and not expressing myself to the point where it’s not doing well for myself and those around me. I agree that to be happy and to be optimistic is my responsibility and that that should be my first priority in life. Internally, I can tell you that I am a very upbeat, happy person, I am super optimistic, I like to laugh and make people laugh and have good vibes around people, I don’t like to dwell on the negatives. But externally, I think all that is filtered out or “thrown away” figuratively speaking by fear.

Post # 1- Reflections on “Happy City”

In Charles Montgomery’s “Happy City”, we began to see what is needed to make a happy city. It is important to think about how architecture and design affects how the people feel and interact with it. For example, when planning out the layout of a city, does it give a dreary sense of living, or does it help promote a positive experience through the space? By briefly taking a look at Colombia, which had a sudden increase in it’s population, Montgomery stated that the population began to feel more like cattle, and had their dignity taken away from them due to the treatment they received. He proposed looking at cities such as Los Angeles and New York City in order to try and solve these problems.