Course Final Reflection

The process was a very good experience. I loved getting to realize there was reasons for the way my block and neighborhood were designed. The readings were inspiring and the case study was very insightful. Then the sight was the great challenge. Having a group for this part was very challenging but has taught us all that working with others is a must.

Happy City was a great addition to this coarse. To analyze what really makes people happy made for a very good discussion. But it also help me see that we cannot make everyone happy in design. There will be parts of a design that may intrude on others “happiness”. The was proven true, putting trees in an area does not make it instantly happy.

Client Interaction had a great advantage to show how much the real clients don’t know about architecture. The basic Idea of a client is program and it is up to us to make it look “pretty”. Since my client was an artist I would have liked to pick his thoughts on building design, but time did not become available.

Master Plan Architectural Focus the most confusing part. Trying to make a structure relate to it’s surroundings is not easy. I think if we were not so literal on the outline(15 acre water inlet, Certain amount of green space need,..ect) of the site that was given to us and made more of a concept site, we could have done a little better. But it is our baby and we love it. Thank you for a great semester!

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