Reflections Hadiza Djibring

Process: (Challenges, Flow of Assignments)

During the Semester going through building and designing from a great scale to a smaller scale to a smaller scale the most challenging thing was dealing with the scale of the project which as design students we do not encounter throughout the semesters. The assignments were very consecutive and comprehensive mostly because of the past examples that were uploaded on open lab which helped the process very much.

Happy City:

It was very interesting how much we could integrate our courses in the department with other departments. Having the faculty come in and have talks with us was very important and helpful in figuring out we shape the minds of the population through our structures and through that creating a happy city.

Client Interaction:

It was very informative and exciting to have the experience of dealing with a client for our project, and also it helped me realize how easy it would be to have miscommunication from the client to the architect when doing the initial interview the client might not be as specific as we want them to be so we as architects will have the responsibility to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

Master Plan VS architectural focus

It was a challenge for me at some point to go from bigger to smaller scale and from smaller to big scale, but i learned a lot during the process and i would not do it another way. We did need to have a lot more time on the master plan because we didn’t know how to make big scale master plans and needed time to figure it out.


Thank you for the experience,

Hadiza Djibring

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