Personal Reflection – Walkiria

After having read the book by Charles Montgomery, it really made me think about how I interact with others and the place in which I live. I’ve looked into myself and noticed that I am a shy person. Honestly, I think that’s not a good thing whatsoever. Being shy doesn’t allow me to express myself and open up to people like my family and friends. What we talked about in class today really caught my attention was when it was mentioned that social interaction is important. I know what I am capable of as far as meeting people and starting conversation but sometimes I fear what people may think of me. It stresses me out to know that people can be so judgmental sometimes, which is why i find myself holding back and not expressing myself to the point where it’s not doing well for myself and those around me. I agree that to be happy and to be optimistic is my responsibility and that that should be my first priority in life. Internally, I can tell you that I am a very upbeat, happy person, I am super optimistic, I like to laugh and make people laugh and have good vibes around people, I don’t like to dwell on the negatives. But externally, I think all that is filtered out or “thrown away” figuratively speaking by fear.

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