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Reflection on the conversation

The conversation about happiness in general was very broad and in detail at the same time. I have picked up a lot of happiness points that we read in the book called “Happy City” by Charles Montgomery.The whole concept about having an Utopian urban society is very complicated and easy to say which is impossible. There are so many different reasons on why its so much difficult to achieve such a perfect society with great urban city. Socio-economic and political constraints are the general and main aspects of making the the urban life complicated. In order to achieve the happiness is to start with me and you then pass it to others by making them affected and influenced by our efforts. Space and time are the main resources that have to be measured and be able to surpass and have efficacy in our value of our lives in urban city.

Happy City_Personal Reflection

Although my thoughts are consistent with the initial Free Write (people, places, experiences) exercise, the psychology behind human interaction with the built space and our surroundings has become a more prominent factor in my mind for future design. I firmly believe that people are the first and foremost important factor when analyzing architecture and urban design, and has now become, in my opinion, the animus of happiness (or rather positive social interaction.)  Although the formula for the “Happy City” remains vague in my mind, I both intend and look forward to the pursuit and research of it.

Happiness Mohammad Alsharif

Before today’s discussion I really had a different idea of happiness, I believed that happiness is an individual feeling that the person is responsible for it. After the discussion i believe that building, spaces, and society are the main points that it makes people happy. Also, we shouldn’t forget the individual aspect of it. I believe that smiling is contagious, when you smile the quickest response you will receive is to smile back. That is my idea of happiness. However, when we combine what i was thinking and what I’ve learned today. I believe that individual and society can change the world and make it a happier and pleasant planet.