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Course Reflections

Overall the process of the project in this semester is really great. Unlike the other design studio, we are asked to both design a master plan and our own design. We had chances to read urban design books, which gave us a lot of options about the strategies of urban design. We were able to apply those concepts into our assignments, such as neighborhood analysis, urban city design case study and block typology study. In my opinion, it will be great to shorten the time for master plan design a little to give more time (1 to 2 week) on the building design.

It is great to have professor come in class to talk about happy city and happiness. It just remind us about what are the goal of our design. Because we are not only create our own site plan and building, we also create something which is people around the department or outside school can really get involve and share. Why not make it a happier design and happier environment for all of us. And it keep us be positive through the project.

To meet the client before the building design, and Ā have conversation with the client about their goals, needs and situation is like a real world practice. We need to think ahead about what kind of question may proper for the client and his project, and also the client did make some further challenge for our own design. I hope that we could make more connections during the design process to get feedback for the design.

As a design team, we were able to gather together to solve the design problem, and come out with a great urban site. It also provide chance for us to learn from each other. We are proud of team that we all improve our working skills and presentation skills.

One last comment, I think professor should more or less shorten the deskcrit for each student. That will allow more students to talk with professor to solve the design problem and get fast feedback to work during the off class time.


Personal Reflection on “Happy City”

When asked to free write about what is happiness, I initially thinks more individually, which are family, healthy, feeling, and personal activities. However, it changeĀ my intension about happiness after we read the bookĀ “Happy City” and had theĀ conversation about happiness.Ā IĀ learned that whatĀ happiness means to the people who live in urban cities. ExperiencesĀ and connections might be the main concerns to create happiness forĀ people. Just becauseĀ peopleĀ will no longer live alone in urban cities. People meet others everyday andĀ everywhere. Ā So how to absorb these critical principles into urban design to make a better neighborhood, including blocks, streets, parks, interactive space, will be the responsibilities for designers.

Site visit reaction

We went to visit the site on Monday. On the way we walked to the site, I felt that the site was not in an interesting spot since we could not found a lot of people walking around the site area. It is also a little bit far from the site to the public transportation. However, I found the site has its own potential after I went into one of the building in industrial city. We get the view from the sixth floor on the building, and it is pretty amazing although there is nothing happen on the site so far. We might put the industrial city effects into the consideration for the urban design.