Reflection on Happiness – CP

happiness has a lot of meanings and people can have different opinions on happiness. for me happiness depends on the situation of my family. i was raised with a family oriented  mindset. we would always be together in tough times and “happy” times. we would fix our problems together. i didn’t know how valuable this was until my sisters moved out the house. now its only me my dad and we miss them but nothing is given in life for eternity. so i found out that i value happiness after  certain things happen and not at the moment. therefore i needed to change my mindset on happiness and value it at the moment and not when its gone. i use this same philosophy with my design and in architecture. we could never be the great architects from the past but we could become the greatest architect for own life and professional practice. us as architects should be happy with our design and not try to fit into other peoples thinking and believe. we need to trust or design to the point where even if other people don’t it or appreciate it,  we are satisfied  and confident about our work and design no matter what other think of the project. we should never try to fit in, we are our own architects.

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