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In my personal opinion i thought the the process for the overall curriculum was well organized. Starting from the neighborhood analysis, followed by the block typology analysis and the the urban city analysis were all perfect exercises to give everyone a starting idea on what urban design is.

Happy City

I thought the lecture on happiness was interesting and it brought the class together as a whole. It gave everyone the chance to express their own views and ideas on happiness and it promoted discussions within everyone in the class.

Client Interaction

I felt that the meeting clients was a a new experience that would be good for every one to try out. Learning to communicate with other people is a skill that everyone could use for their future lives.

Master plan vs. Architecture

I thought that the time distributed for each assignment was okay. I think it’s really hard to balance the time to a reasonable scale since both assignments require a fair amount of time. I believe that the time for each project is appropriate and that it all comes down to the students and their dedication.


Teamwork is very important. It helps you realize how one communicates with others and it puts everyone to the test when disputes arise. It challenges everyone to find common ground and to take the ideas of others into consideration in order to progress as a team and not an individual.

Happiness Reflection – Team A

In today’s society the principles we feel that require more emphasis are:

  • Increased cultural diversity– This is important because in any community or neighborhood unity is essential.
  • Highly populated/Main street – to guide people through the community and encourage activity around public spaces.
  • More green spaces – Appeals to the people and gives a sense of life to the community.

Team A – Updated Principles

Old Principles

1. Energy efficient neighborhoods (Solar Panels, Wind Turbines)                    2. Green Roofs                                                                                                          3. Water Front Accessibility                                                                                    4. Easy flow circulation                                                                                            5. Resilience to flood                                                                                               6. Bioswales

New Principles

1) Resilience

(Human aspect) –  Creating a safe environment

(Architectural aspect) – Ability to accept and recover from floods.

2) Increased Interaction – Reducing the cultural barriers between races and increasing the socialization between all races.

3) Welcoming water into the site. – To increase the relationship between people and nature.

4) Easy Circulation – To create a free living environment. (Less cars, more walkways, more bikes.)

5) Energy Efficiency – (Bioswales, Green Roofs, Solar Panels.)

Happiness – Joshua M.

From this seminar i thought it was interesting to listen to the different views on how happiness can be interpreted. Everyone had their personal opinion about happiness or at least  the different factors that are involved with happiness. Whether it was money, relationships, the sharing of emotions, family etc. they all seemed to play a role with happiness. In my opinion it was definitely a great experience to listen to how all of these ideas/definitions of happiness differed and compared to everyone else’s and mine as well.

SIte Visit

From my experience of visiting the site i would say that it was vast and contradicting. What i mean by contradicting is that on one side, the site was surrounded by huge industrial buildings and on the opposite side you had an open view of the river and the landscape beyond it. It’s an interesting site which has many points to work from.