I haven’t been to a Meet the Pros in a very long time so when I heard it was about women in the industry and the panelists were coming from Droga5 I had to attend. The things that I took home from the lovely ladies is that you have to find your creative process and find things to outside of work and out of routine for you so that your constantly seeing thing and learning from those and what is around you. All of the panelist would agree that you sometimes have to step away from your work life and live your actual life and do what make you happy if that traveling, yoga and just being around family so you can destress and go back to work with a fresh new perspective.
Another thing that stuck with me was that you should knew your place in which you work. Meaning that you can be the one who talks the entire meeting or the one that sits back and observes and listens to the ideas that float around the room. I really appreciated the advice they gave us because there’s isn’t much women in our field. At this event I actually walk up to the panelist table shook everyone hand and thank them for their time and asked about an internship. It was still scary but I told myself that I had to do it since didn’t stay for the networking part at SVA.