I’m try to incorporate the thought of getting out my comfort zone in my day in and day out task and I’ve noticed a difference in myself everyday. Like the fact that went to this event by myself, when I would’ve had someone come with to low the anxiety I get when going out to public events alone.  This networking event I went was “Let’s talk Woman in the Creative Industries” at the SVA THEATRE. The panelist included Annalise’s Ariosa-Benston (MFA 2016 Fine Arts), Nadia Delane (MFA 2015 Visual Narrated), Aura Lewis (MFA 2017 Illustration as Visual Essay) and Jessica Perilla (BFA 2004 Graphic Design). I took  home two things one thing is from Nadia Delane is that looking for and having good mentor is great but you try to relive there steps that got them to where they are you have to make your own and sometimes having a mentor doesn’t have to me you waiting for someone approval to show your work to the world. The other things I took home was from Annalise’s Ariosa-Benston an it was to get into habit of just making things before the idea is gone.  I tend to not create things because I don’t think I have time or I don’t have paper and pencil to sketch it out then I forget. Trust yourself and take up more space. Being it’s not a lot of us women in the industry trust your opinion, ideas, skills and let’s woman occupy more of these galleries, agencies and workplaces in general.