I’ve always known myself to a procrastinator, maybe one of the biggest. But when I do get started on a project I tend to spend more time or somethings than I do others. I grabbed my phone opened the App Store an begun my search to find some sort of productivity App. Then I found 30/30, it’s an app that helps you create a list of tasks that you want to do and you make a completion time for each of the tasks. It’s a really fun looking app, but I found it to be not really user friendly at first. Only because it used a lot of tapping gestures to rename tasks, hold and slide to reorder tasks and swap to delete task, you just have to kind of get the hang of it. But hear is some of the interface and I used the app to complete some of the parts to my senior project but I used it mainly for the timer. I still have this on my phone so I can play around with and use it for future projects.