Growing up  I was always that quiet girl that knew how to draw. I didn’t think I was any good at it but am my worst critic. For years I’ve experimented with fashion design, architecture and fine art. Somehow I gravitated towards fine art, plus everybody around me told me I could draw. I really just fall in love with the way the pencil felt in my hand and how it glides across the paper. Attending I. S.162 which was technology based middle school ,I wanted to stick to the traditional way and use pencil and paper. I never thought I would drift away from that . I went to Bronx High School for Visual Arts for four years, where I was introduced to the graphic side of art. And then I knew thats what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. During those years  I learned how to use  adobe photoshop and illustrator and that opened my eyes to many possibility.

Once it was time to apply for college I had a hard time trying to choice one that was good enough for me as well as have my major. Come to find out I was accepted into the Seek program at New York City College of Technology.  Im studying Advertising and Graphic Design along with the courses I’ve take like typography and graphic principles 1&2 has only made things seen everyday much more interesting.  I cant wait until everybody see my new ideas.