This project is a fresh take on motherhood and what it is to be a young black family trying to live their best lives in Brooklyn New York. I think we are universally in a place of needing and wanting to connect with others, what makes us different and what commonalities we share and whats exciting to me about this project is how much of the story is relatable to every parent on earth but seen through very unique and specific lens.

Today we got to meet the Louisa Brown and I am the writer, producer, and director of CarMom. Yes, I said we, because there are two other designer interns. We assisted Babatunde to film a Promotion video to get funding to continue creating episodes. We all were assigned jobs so I was the boom operator and Corey did the audio and Jason made sure Louisa stayed on point with what she needed to say in the video. It was fun driving around Brooklyn while filming this video, it was definitely something different. I look forward doing more work with Louisa, she has a really good energy about her.