All the my life I’ve lived in New York City and I’ve never heard of the museum of the city of New York City. As a class we went to see the KING IN NEW YORK exhibition & as much as I’ve lear  about him didn’t know he was here in NYC. It was pretty interesting to see and the other exhibitions like the BEYOND SUFFRAGE and NEW YORK AT ITS CORE.I would have to say that the beyond suffrage was my favorite the whole aesthetic of the room was mind blowing. The typographical design was bold and the hint of Color from the duo tone giant photos was a nice touch. It had user interactions with like voting booths, audio play, videos and other installations that hit all the dimensions of woman suffrage. At the end of see that exhibit it had me thinking about curator roles in the design industry.
But I also like the New York at its core exhibition because of the use of  the timeline and each section was like period in time. The best part was like this interactive monitor that show people the had an impact in New York City and the rest of the world from all different occupations like Jean-Micheal Basquiat, Jay-z and Donna Karan. The museum was amazing like even the museum had its own identity and beautiful typography, the littlest thing was designed even the staircase was covered in artwork.