The Black and Latino Filmmaker Coalition

The coalition provides services that strengthen and create more opportunities for independent writers, directors, and producers than ever before. BLFC helps its members build the best business models to bring their films and TV programs to market.


Is like the headquarters for many different companies like BLFC, Electropositive is a multi-functional social innovation platform featuring a coworking space, content studio, digital channel, sustainable apparel brand, social impact agency and 501c3 nonprofit. It is available to photographers, videographers, and content creators who are looking for a unique space to support your production needs.

I love the space it makes me feel like home, it doesn’t feel like work.

Well, I had to get ready for my first day had to wake up at 530am, to leave by 7 am to get there by 9-930. I got there and notice this healthy food place on the corner called Hamilton’s Healthy Haven and  I love it. So, I got a smoothie and walked into the office and Babatunde explained what I’m going for for the duration of the internship. I’ll be helping with the branding of their first Black and Latino Film Awards and help amp up his current design to the newsletter and web design. Also working on some video editing which would be a good skill learn. I’ve decided to work at my internship on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10am-2pm.