As I working on my resume, I was still applying for more internships. I received an email from stating that I’ve got a response from The Black and Latino Filmmaker Coalition. It was an Invitation for an interview for the next day. So, my next step was to do my research and get directions to this place using google maps.

Next Day…

Taking the 5 train is normal, but the C train is foreign to me. I got to Franklin Ave and walked about 10 mins.

The closer I got to the place the more nervous I got, the more my heart started to beat faster. I got there 30 mins early, so anxiety set in more and more. I got interviewed by mister Babatunde, we went into a conference room and started chatting about my skillset and I showed him my portfolio on The Interview lasted about 20 mins and I was DONE! But the Interview went better than I thought it did and I started working the next day.