About caroldiamond

I am an artist and educator living in New York City. I teach Communication Design at City Tech and Foundation Drawing at Pratt Institute; both in Brooklyn.

Portofolio review Thursday

I know you guys have been busy with the Design Journal – so I hope getting your porfolio together won’t be too time consuming.

Two good options are:

  1. OpenLab ePorfolio: Since you know well how to Post on the OpenLab course site, it wouldn’t be too hard to make an ePortfolio with a page or two for all your pieces with labels. See Create ePortfolio.  The big benefit here is that all course work stays within our OpenLab course.

If not, a Folder with your name on Google Drive is great also :  Upload and share with CDiamond@Pratt.edu

Let me know if you have any questions.

Week of 5/18-22nd Final Week

Monday 5/18

Presentation of Digital Journals during Zoom meeting

Work on Final Portfiolios Due Thursday.

Please organize your semester’s work, everything you have

Label your files by Assignment and first Name, eg/ Line Design.Izzy..jpg , properly shot and  cropped


Shape and Symmetry Organic plant and pattern project

Texture Value Collage (I have B&W) Color

Golor Grids and Graphic Landscape

Transparency 2 files

Form and Space, Digital Illustrator and Hand DRawing files

Any other sketches you may have or anything I forgot?

Week of 4/6-4/10

Hi everyone,
I see some new Color posts that look great, so before Monday please make sure to comment/reply to at least two fellow student projects and also to reply to anyone who has commented on your piece, even if just a thank you.

Please review Making a Post for guidelines on making constructive comments. This is part of your grade for the project. Knowing your color vocabulary will help.

For Monday also please have 5 thumbnail sketches in progress for part two of the Color Project #5, from your research on landscape photography, some in line and also try with tone changes using regular pencil(s), and maybe color notes in the margins, of what palette you’d like to use (warm, cool, complimentary) . We will continue to work on part two in class Monday.