Digital Design Journal

Final Project and Assessment. This project can be worked on throughout the semester, including student posts in Design Journal Category, but will become a final assessment Project at the end of the semester.

This will be your Digital Visual Journal (Scrapbook) and exploration of the design elements and principles we’ve studied in class. By turning your attention to the outside world, you will take your own photos out in the street, and from ads and other sources, searching for examples of each category we’ve covered.

You will find 3-5 examples covering 2+ pages for each of the following subjects, then assemble them into an inDesign or Powerpoint pdf, with labeling, text and definitions. Some images will be examples showing different Design Elements and Principles. Write small blurbs using Professional design vocabulary.

There will be overlaps of subjects in many photos – such as a color photo that also shows texture and symmetry – include the photo in whatever subject heading you think is dominant, then make note of the additional design principles or elements that you recognize.

Design your Digital Design Journal any way you choose.

Optional: You may include each subject with photos of your own related class projects.


Line— geometric and organic

Shape– negative/positive, geometric and organic


Value – contrast between light and dark in achromatic (grayscale) and chromatic (tints and shades of one color) versions.

Color– choose at least 3 categories out of the following color contrasts and palettes:  Monochrome, analogous, complementary, triad, warm/cool, value key.

Space – use of overlap, perspective, scale change etc to create sense of space.

Form– 3 dimensional objects

DESIGN PRINCIPLES  (choose at least 4 to examine).