Week of 3/30-4/3

For Monday March 3rd we will not meet as a class to allow for the CityTech Recalibration period.

I’d like to see any postings of Color project part 1, Grids and Scales , posted on the class site under sub category Project #5 (part 1)-Grids and Scales in parent Category Student Posts.

Even if you want to post in progress, ask for comments, or email me directly at cdiamond@citytech.cuny.edu  or carol@caroldiamond.com with an image or question- I am also available to schedule a video conference.

Please continue reading through the entire project page, including links. Make notes, study color and design vocabulary.

Thursday April 2nd we will switch to Zoom meeting. Please look for invites by Wednesday. It’s an easier interface I believe, and through Pratt I should be able to invite you all and not be confined to the 40 min maximum.