Paint Supplies

paint supplies are:
Color Wheel
Brushes: get a set of Acrylic Brushes, soft bristles, preferably combines tips, both flat and round.
Acrylic Paint:  Blick has a set that will do.
4 oz. tubes: White,
4oz tubes OR 2.5oz tubes of the following:
quinacradone magenta (or any primary red if you can’t get the acra magenta)
Cerelean Blue or Primary Blue
Yellow (primary yellow or Cadmium yellow light hue)
Palette knife (plastic or metal, must have pliable short end for mixing paint. see below
palette – flat plastic surface to mix colors, such as Palette paper (above),  flat plastic palette, or to go container lid
cups for water
Bristol to paint on

Below are some discount items you can order online.


Liquitex Basics – Primary Set of 5
Item#: 00717-1039

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Richeson Plastic Painting Knife – 2 3/8”, Trowel Offset
Item#: 03105-0000
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Blick Palette Paper Pad – 9” x 12”, 50 Sheets
Item#: 03063-2023




Artist’s Color Wheel – 9-1/4”
Item#: 04915-1093
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Blick Essentials Value Brush Set – Round Brushes, White Nylon, Set of 12
Item#: 06280-1139
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