Week of 3/23-3/27

Homework for Monday 3/23:

Posting Images and Comments to OpenLab Course Site

Those who haven’t handed in Color Monochrome Collage will Post the image of your final pieces on OpenLab course site using Category Student Projects.

Those who I’ve assigned a Design Journal Topic (such as Line, Symmetry, Color etc) will post your two images together with title  (your name and design element or principle) and descriptions (how this image represents the design element or principle). See the Digital Design Journal in Assignments and read through for topics and to begin preparing for your final.

See   Making Posts to Open Lab,

During Monday’s class, I’ll present next painting project, which will show up as Assignment #5 on the course site.

Class 3/26 Thursday

  • Continue work on Color project #5, Grids and Scales.
  • Bring your practice painting pages (color mixing, dabs of color, practice grids)
  • Try to have Bristol gridded out, warm grid or cool grid or both finished or at least in progress. Bring materials to online class to be able to work during class time.
  • Bring questions and responses for discussion.
  • email before class with questions. cdiamond@citytech.cuny.edu