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Finally, Legal

My game is about a young man named Josh whose birthday is today! He has finally turned 21 and his best friend Daniel is hosting a big event on his behalf. Josh and Daniel live in Miami and they are the hottest DJ in town, so everyone is coming out to have some fun. This is a birthday Josh will never forget. He relives the same day repeatedly on his birthday and tries to figure out who is attempting to kill him at his very own party every time and why. He is killed at the end of each day by a masked killer with one eye. Immediately upon dying he wakes up again in the morning with full memory of what he had experienced. He decides to catch hold of the killer’s identity by noting down the experience that he has every day.

Hobby Algorithm

Step 1: Decide on a budget.

(This will give you an idea of how much you are going to pay for a watch and if you can afford one, at the time)

Step 2: Consider the different types of watches you may want to purchase

(Before purchasing a watch, you must know if you want a Digital watch or an Analog watch)

Step 3: Be aware or know movement types

(Movement types are the power sources for the watches. Watches use three basic movement types: battery, quartz, and mechanical)

Step 4: Decide on a style

(You can buy watch styles specifically designed for sports, work, formal events, going out, and casual outfits. Where you are going to be wearing your watch should be the main factor in deciding what style of watch to buy)

Step 5: Choose a Brand

(Keeping your budget in mind, look through the kinds of brands that make watches and decide your favorites. Ex. MK, Guess, Fossil, Casino)

Step 6: Consider the Features

(When you are picking out the ideal watch, you need to know what feature you need and want included on your watch)

Step 7: Decide to either purchase in store or online

(In store go to step 8. Online go to step 10)

Step 8: In store purchase

(When you have found all the elements on a watch that you like, you now need to take the last step, which is to make sure that the watch fits you and suitable to your liking)

Step 9: Buy watch

(Can be paid with Cash, Debit or Credit. Depends on location)

Step 10: Online purchase

(Add item to chart and continue to pay now button)

Step 11: Debit/Credit card

(Fill in card information and billing address to finish purchase. Always look for Promo codes and/or sales!)

Albano Worksheet

  1. In your own words, explain the difference between a parser interactive fiction game and a choose your path interactive fiction game.

A Choose your path interactive fiction game can best be describe as a game book that gives the player multiple options and/or choices that they can pick from. Any option picked from the player will have a different ending. This is calculated by the player’s initial selections. The Parser interactive fiction game is a story telling game without any graphics and is an adventure.


  1. Name an example of a parser game.

An example of a parser game is Zork I.


  1. Name an example of a choose your own path game.

An example of a choose your own path game is Sugarcane Island.


  1. Why does she say interactive fiction virtually died out in the mid-1990s?

She stated that Interactive fiction virtually died out in the mid-1990s because of the competitions they were up against such as, annual IF comp.


  1. Why does she say poetry is an important element of interactive fiction writing? What example does she use?

Poetry is an important element because it engages the players with fill in the blank that gives a powerful description. Example “Those we love alive”


  1. Why does she say that ambiguity is not only unavoidable but also necessary?

She stated ambiguity is not only unavoidable but also necessary because it is to be filled by the player’s imagination. It is used intentionally for the player to wonder and to leave things open so the players can draw their own conclusions.


  1. What’s important about complicity?

Complicity is important because it lets the players interact with the story. It gives the players choices and makes them feel like they can do anything but they can’t. All the choices are open-ended.