The Pursuit of Truth

Game Story:

Taking place approximately 300 years from now on the distant planet Neptune, one man named Simon discovers an alternate travel path on the spaceship. The only person access to the ship being his longtime friend and upon questioning him, he learns his friend is obviously withholding information. Simon who always follows everything by the law and always internalizes his curious thoughts about his whereabouts and where he originated from decides to be spontaneous for once and embarks on a journey to the place which he was told ceased to exist, Planet Earth. After landing on Planet Earth, he soon discovers he is just a slave working for the human race who depend on him and his kind (A.I.) to supply things such as food. He also finds out at the end of the story that he is living in a simulation and questions whether he has any free-will.

Log Line:

In a place where nothing is ever questioned…until one curious person leads the journey for the discovery of the real truth about the past.


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