Sophos Academy

Game Idea:

The world’s top students attend Sophos Academy. As the Caretaker, you must fulfill your daily tasks. However, this year is Sophos Academy’s Quinquennial Competition. The students are determined to prove they’re the best at what they do, leading to venturous projects. Some students overreach which can lead to disastrous consequences. You must patrol the School to keep students within their reach of capabilities, protecting Sophos Academy.

The students tend to stay within their subject of proficiency when it comes to socializing. Sadly, they all view you as the bottom of the social hierarchy even though as The Caretaker you are required to be proficient in many subjects. This allows you the skills to prevent the students’ projects from going awry. Navigating the school, it’s your job to identify anything which may be destructive. Your choices for the day’s tasks can affect the outcome of other students’ projects, for better or for worse.


In Sophos Academy, The Caretaker is faced with preparing the School for the Quinquennial Competition and must keep the Students’ venturesome projects from accidentally razing the School.

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