Rafaela- Game Story

In a world where the ozone layer has broken, humans are forced inside and under a layer of metallic sky.  The year is 3030 in New York City, where we meet Sabel Hunter, a law enforcement rookie, teamed with veteran grumpy man Frank Bryant are tasked with guarding environmentalist and adventurer Brittney Goulash.  They must traverse through the tunnels, labelled, Subterranean, avoid the AboveGround mutants, and find inhabitable life somewhere in the state.  You and Sabel Hunter, police enforcement rookies teamed with veteran enforcer Frank Bryant.

You: Rookie cop, graduated with Sabel, seeking to find the perfect meal.

Sabel: 23 years, just graduated from Academy, hiding her past (dum dum dum!)

Frank: 57 years, widow with a dark past, wife was victim to notorious rapist and serial killer Sky.

Conflict: Teamed to bodyguard environmentalist Brittney Goulash, who is attempting to find ways to fix what is broken.  She wants to go Above.  They travers the Subway system, called Subterranean, to find inhabitable lands in NYC.

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