Hobby – Kerolos

Hobby Algorithm to Riding a Bike
Step 1
Get a bike or build one if that’s your kind of thing.
Step 2
Sit on the bike seat facing the direction of the handle bars.
Step 3
Put 1 foot on the ground and the other on petal to the appropriate side.
Step 4
Push yourself with the bike with the foot that is placed on the ground.
Step 5
Push your other foot to a forward angle if the pedal is up or pointing forward do the opposite if the petal is pointing downwards.
Step 6
Place the foot that you used for pushing on the other petal.
Step 7
Push the pedal down when it comes up on either side.
Step 8
Hit an obstacle because you’re paying too much attention to everything on the ground or checking your phone or because you’re going down a narrow path that seems scary and you tell yourself you’re not making that without damage.
Step 9
Do steps 1-8 repeatedly and you will start to relax a bit.
Step 10
Go to a bike lane in New York and yell at people that start to chill walk on the bike lane like there suppose to because you have the right to.

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