Hobby Algorithm – NFL Fantasy League

Algorithm: NFL Fantasy League (Football)

Step 1: Gather a group of friends that watch the same sport (In this case, it’s NFL football). You can play with strangers but it’s more fun with friends for trash talking.

Step 2: Choose destination for your own league you will create (Yahoo Sports, ESPN etc.)

Step 3: Decide whether you want the league rules to be either head-to-head or standard points.

Head-to-Head is essentially playing a new team every week and depending on their result of their matchup, a Win, Loss or Draw is recorded.

Standard Points – Total accumulation of points determine the winner.

Step 4: Decide on a Scoring Option (Standard Points is fine for beginners)

Step 5:  Preparation for the Draft: Conduct research on players and team’s based on your knowledge watching the NFL game and determine the list of players you plan on to draft to play for your team.

Step 6: Draft the players that will be on your team for the season. It is typically preferred to draft in the following specific order to ensure a solid balanced team. Running Back, Quarterback, Tight End, Kicker & Defense.

Step 7: Watch the games for both in which your players perform to determine what types of defenses they will excel in to give you the best chance in winning the matchup.

Step 8: Watch players you didn’t draft so see if their performance exceeds a player on your team to allow pickups via free agency (Players who weren’t drafted).

Step 9: Assemble your final team that you believe would you give the highest amount of points to win the matchup.

Step 10: Look out for player injuries and bye-weeks which will lead you to want to pick players up or create the proposal of trades.

Step 11: Rinse and repeat with adjustments of the lineup until the NFL season is over and based on your record, you will be able to win the Fantasy League championships.

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