Week 2

Monday, February 6th

While the crew was continuing on the construction of the masking flats, I continued working on the prototype for the scrolling unit. All the flats were completed at the end of call. 

Wednesday, February 8th

I attached flanges to pipes, screwed the pipes to the shop floor, and then fed the pipe through the sonotube with the plywood inside the top and bottom. While the structure was up, I sewed a quick seam onto the fabric (lightweight muslin) I brought, and wrapped it around the sonotube.

TEST 1: The fabric kept falling once it made a full rotation, so I pulled the fabric more taught to the sonotube and sewed it again.

TEST 2: The prototype was successful in that the fabric was able to rotate. It does begin to fall after several rotations, but a possible solution for this issue would be to sew to the fabric together at a slightly smaller length that is desired then add elastic to the top and bottom hem. This would allow it to fit over the sonotube during installation, and give the fabric a more snug fit without falling. Another solution is to add a thin rope at the top hem that would rest on top of the sonotube, so during rotation the fabric wouldn’t slip.

Because of the prototype we were able to answer several questions and possible problems that could’ve arose during the build and load-in.

Above: Fabric wrapped around sonotube. 

Now that the prototype for the scrolling unit is completed, we can begin the construction of the actual unit. The unit will have a total length of 10ft. I separated the platform into two units that are 5ft long. I had one crew member work on the platform, while I had another assisting me with the infrastructure for the rolling aspect. As I cut down the sonotubes to their designated heights, I had my crew member cut out the plywood circles. Which I had to briefly demonstrate because she didn’t know how to achieve this. While the three of us worked on this, the rest of the crew worked on the construction of the door jacks, while two people worked on the prototype for the dodge van. 

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