Week 1

Wednesday, February 1st

The show that I will be working on for my culmination is Kevin!!!!! which is a puppet version of the classic movie Home Alone. Besides culmination, I will also have the chance to work on the show during tech production. Since I’m registered for the course and a part of the scenery crew. Since the show is prop heavy, there isn’t a lot of scenic elements. However, we would need to construct several masking flats, rehearsal blocks, and a scrolling unit that would rotate to reveal four different scenic locations.

As Tech began, I started to work on the prototype for the scrolling unit while the crew started on the 4×8 masking flats. I used stocked material in the shop such as 10” sonotube, ¾” plywood, and 1 ½” Sch. 40 pipe. I used trammel points to mark out the 5” radius of the circle, which I will be cutting out from the plywood. Once all the four circles were drawn, I went over to the bandsaw to cut them out using a premade jig. After the circles were cut, I then used a 2” holesaw attached to a drill to cutout holes in the circles that the pipe will fit into. I placed them inside the sonotube to test if it would stay up.

Above left to right: Trammel points to draw circles; Plywood circles inside of sonotube.

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