Week 4

Monday, February 20th 

College closed for holiday.

Wednesday, February 22nd 

Because of us not having school two Mondays in a row, we’re behind by two tech days. Each tech day is 2 hours and 45 minutes. That’s a total of 5 hours and 30 minutes that we lost on building time. 

A few people began building two 4’x4′ flats to put on top of the flats furthest from centerline at each end. The platform for the rolling unit needed a 9″x9″ 3/4″ Plywood square at each corner, so we could be able to bolt down the flanges that are holding up the pipes for the sonotubes. Each flange had to be measured 6″ in from the end of the platform, and drawn out to make sure that it’s places at the correct location. Once completed, both pipes were threaded onto the flanges, and we carefully placed the sonotubes over them. 

Despite the set back, we still managed to complete all the door jacks, rehearsal blocks, the extra flats, and the whole structure of the rolling unit. Putting us back on schedule from the predicted calendar I made before the start of the semester. 

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