TD Highlights

Problem 1: Taught me to be more thorough

Though this problem was fairly simple, it taught me a very important lesson. Which is to be more thorough with labeling and information. It was because of my limited labeling, and unclear directions, that the sandwich was done incorrectly. I assumed that the person creating it would know what I want. If I were more clear, then they could’ve understood more. What is understandable to me, may not be understandable to someone else.

Problem 2: Taught me to pay attention to every little detail

While working on this project, one of the issues that we came across was the inaccurate scheduling for the labor hours of the construction of the flats and for the calendar. Rather than using my prior knowledge, I estimated on what I thought was the appropriate amount of hours rather than trying to break it down piece by piece. Because of this our labor hours were completely off.

Problem 3: Taught me that not everything is going to go as expected

Throughout the project, there was a lack of communication with my teammates and I, that affected the overall project. Especially when everyone is busy outside outside of school. Many parts of the project was incomplete or not planned out fully because of this. In order for a project to work, there has to be communication, and when there isn’t it just causes the overall project to be rushed and undone.

Problem 4: Don’t take on more than you could

Since the previous projects had successes and misses, I wanted to make sure that the last problem was perfect in every which way. But the thing about life is that nothing is perfect. No matter how much you try to be perfect there is always going to be some flaw. It was because of my need to be perfect, and to have everything done a certain way, I put most of the onto myself. Rather than trying to divide up the work equally based on skills and prior knowledge. Having all the work put a lot of stress on myself especially since I’m a full time student, working a part-time to sometimes full-time job. The whole issue of not taking on more than I can just doesn’t apply to this project for this course, but also with everyday life. Which is one of the many things that I’m going to take out of this class.