Week 3

Monday, February 13th 

College closed for holiday. 

Wednesday, February 15th 

The crew continued building the door jacks, and began working on the rehearsal blocks. A crew member and I continued working on the pieces for the rolling unit from last week, while two people continued on the platforms. I also had one person making a prototype for the Dodge van out of lauan.

Friday, February 17th 

The plywood circles that were made for the sonotubes were slightly too big, so they couldn’t fit inside. When first making the circles, I used a jig on the bandsaw, however I couldn’t use the same jig because now the plywood circles has an 1-3/4″ hole in the center to fit the pipe through. In order to cutout the excess, I retraced the circle to the dimension it needed to be onto the plywood. Then carefully cut it off on the bandsaw. After all the pieces were trimmed, I placed them inside the sonotubes, then fed the pipes through. The rolling aspect of the unit is complete. 

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