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Trump Inaugural Committee Ordered to Hand Over Documents to Federal Investigators number

The on going investigation in how the money was collected and spent by the Trump organization on behalf of their boss inauguration party event as a president is jaw dropping. No other president in history has ever being able to raise $107 millions like Donald John Trump did especially,  after his unexpected and mind boggling victory over Hillary Clinton. Perhaps, it is not the amount of money collected or spent, but from whom and by whom?? At least, these are the two main issues at hand now occupying two United States District Attorney’s Offices both located in New York City. One in Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn. The federal prosecutors will be looking at Illegal donations from foreign contributors, money laundering, election fraud, and false fraudulent statements to the Federal Election Committee, as a justification for their demand of documents which it could involve among many others the President’s business transactions and income taxes. Yummy!!

The call for an investigation to these offices was made by no other than Mr. Robert Swan Muller, the Special Prosecutor in charge of digging out the truth against a crooked and a traitor President, his family, and all of his convicted associates. There should not be a doubt that with these new allegations of corruption and betrayal the country will wake up with relief and joy in the morning once the perpetrators be jailed like the opposite way when it woke up in the morning in disbelief to learned that Donald had won.

Historic Richmond Town since im bored

Since I was bored, the lobbying effort to Albany being canceled and all. I figured we’d take a walk through some history. Staten island was the last of the five incorporated boroughs in NYC and didn’t become one until 1898. The native population was so resistant to change they kept most of their original infrastructure well into the 1930s.

The original County Court seen here is now a visitors center. The county clerk’s and surrogate’s building is now a museum and shop.

Staten Island prior to incorporation had a provincial system much similar to New Jersey, in which one overarching county government, known as a seat, oversaw smaller provincial type governments. Meaning Richmond Town was not only the seat of the county government. But had its own town hall with local offices as well. As did many of the other provincial areas. Such as New Brighton which ran the towns on the North Shore facing Manhattan. Don’t ya love history.
Original Richmond County Court House

Original Richmond County Clerk's and Surrogate's Building

who am i

1.the reason i did this major is because i want to go to law school and become an attorney. i also plan on changing my major later on.

2. i want to learn motion to dismiss and civil ligation. i want to learn about civil cases and civil courts.

3.i like the nba and video games. i like the cold and snow.

“Who You Are”-Stephanie Houston


My name is Stephanie Houston.  I live Brooklyn, NY.   I am presently in ITEC Department with Lissette.  She is helping me with creating a post.  The reason I am taking the Paralegal Courses because I wanted learn.  I spent many years reading the Chief newspaper. The Chief is a Civil Service paper that list jobs for City and State, Federal Government job.  They posted a job for Legal Trainee 1 GS-11.  I wanted to see if the job is the same.

I love to travel.  I have taken trips to Africa, England, Spain, France, Italy.   I love the Broadway shows.




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