Daniel Singh – Assignment Due March 18 (Inspiration: Andrew Scrivani)

I love food. So naturally, this assignment is heavenly. Minus the fact that Andrew Scrivani captures these items of food so deliciously that it is a major disappointment not being on site to taste test.

Looking through his current work, I was immediately drawn to this photo and its regal tones. The colors it features are of royalty: from the gold brim of the plate, to the purple topping shaped to be flower petals, to the plush brown of the cake in question.

Closer inspection reveals the many textures found in this photograph.  The luxuriously smooth marble [counter top], the pronounced wood grain of the toppings bowl, to the crinkle of the wax paper on which the glazed topping lay, and lastly the crushed nuts found sprinkled all through out this frame, well these components all stack to create many edible artifacts for the eye to enjoy long before the sending any signals to the mouth to increase saliva production, or the stomach to ready for digestion.

The arrangement of these items across the frame make things interesting. I can name many items shown in this photo but not once can I say it feels convoluted.  The hierarchy leads from the cake to the wax paper, directed by the serving utensil to the bowl, then lastly the eye wanders to the top of the frame to the secondary bowl and scattered toppings.

The lighting comes from the bottom right of the frame, but is set overhead by the way the shadow cast from 9 o clock to 12 o clock in the frame from the cake and plate that it rests on.  It adds a nice dramatic effect, meanwhile subduing empty space in the frame so you can focus on the delectable things. This photo is very much as success by way of my current stomach rumblings.

One thought on “Daniel Singh – Assignment Due March 18 (Inspiration: Andrew Scrivani)

  1. rmichals

    The light is so soft and natural and very well may be natural light. the overhead view really makes this a composition of three circles-one larger and two smaller, the rectangle of the waxed paper and the diagonal of the knife. It is like a graphic design in that it becomes more dynamic when a few elements break out of the frame.


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