Inspiration Post: Demi Moore & Beyonce

Annie Leibowitz photo of Demi Moore from 1991 and Awoi Erizku photo of Beyonce from 2017 are similar but different in a way. Demi Moore photo can be looked at as more risky and bold than the Beyonce photo because of the sense of nudity that is being shown in the photo.  The chose of wardrobe for Beyonce may have been the deciding factor to why it was the most liked photo of 2017 on Instagram.  When it comes to the lightning it is more complimentary to the Beyonce photo than the Demi Moore, looking at Beyonce the light seems to be more subtle and smooth while Demi Moore is more harsh and the glow that is on her face proves it.  Composition and props also play a key role to these photos and Beyonce photo once again takes the cake. The blue sky background with the arrangement of the flowers really helps the photo pop more, you may say that less and simple is better like the Demi Moore photo but I believe when shooting a women who is going to give birth you would want the background and the things around her to look inviting and not as plain as the grey background in Demi Moore’s photo. There is however a similar position of the subject where both women are not exactly placed in the middle maybe the photographers were using the rule of thirds placing their subjects more to the right than centered.

One thought on “Inspiration Post: Demi Moore & Beyonce

  1. rmichals

    You defend the Erizku photo well. One thing I like about it is Beyonce’s direct look at the camera. What I love about Leibovitz’s Demi Moore photo is the beautiful use of broad light. It is also propped but with just the ring and the earring. there is no visual competition for those times and they really stand out.


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