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This photo at the Jack Shainman gallery caught my attention because it showed MLK at his prime. The was be geared towards him at his strongest without him even knowing. the black and white photo is what makes it clear that it’s only him that carries out the message of honored power amongst people who want equal right and to be treated as humans.

At this exhibit it didn’t interest me at all when I first, took a glimpse at it.That’s until the guy actually explained what was happening in this photo. the church itself was composed of thousands of pictures to create such vivid details in this photograph. It slightly got me intrigued by the other exhibit photo after hearing the background story of what i’m seeing.

Take me to church









This photo immediately caught my attention when I walked into the exhibit. I had originally thought that this piece was a painting. when i gazed at it, it took me back the major black out of 2003 in NYC. It was hot dark, the crime rate was high, but in the end it somewhat what brought us closer together as a city that never sleeps. This photograph embodies camaraderie and survival.

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  1. rmichals

    These three exhibits certainly represent three very different ways of making photographs. While I am not sure what you mean about the MLK photo, there is no question about what parks thinks is important. Parks frames MLK beautifully with the out of focus elements in the foreground. It is so lovely the way the stripe of the flag and what I can only assume is a dark shirt under a light jacket become parallel lines around MLK.


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